Mythic @ Charing Cross Theatre*

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
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Production Photos by: Marc Brenner
Booking until: 24th November 2018

Do you ever look back and think about how much angst you carried in your teenage years? Well, the Titans children did it first by overthrowing their parents and becoming the Olympians. Now, Marcus Stevens and Oran Elder have created a 90 minute musical extravaganza that follows Persephone as she rebels against her mum Demeter for the bright lights of the Acropolis and then finds herself in the Underworld, which is ruled by Hades. This new musical is a contemporary look at the greek myths by portraying Ancient Greece as a fame and power obsessed world, not to similar to ours today.

MYTHIC Michael Mather (Hades) and cast Photo Marc Brenner

I must say, I didn’t know a whole lot on the history of greek myths, but that didn’t hinder my enjoyment of the show. In fact, the upbeat opening number It’s A Myth cleverly sums up what has led to the start of the story without feeling like information is being dumped at the audience. It’s then here we meet Persephone, who is fed up of being on boring Earth with her mum Demeter when the exciting world of Mount Olympus exists. Georgie Westall and Daniella Bowen have lovely chemistry together as daughter and mother and portray two complicated and strong women whose paths are more similar than they think. It could’ve been so easy to write Persephone off as a brat but Westall balances the line between teenage angst and feelings of hope brilliantly. On top of that, her voice is incredibly strong and could’ve lifted the roof off the Charing Cross Theatre in My Own Place in the Pantheon.  There’s fantastic support from Michael Mather as Hades who is so emo and angsty, he could’ve walked out of a Twilight novel. But underneath the red hair dye, biker boots and leather jackets, Mather portrays Hades with enough heart that you end up rooting for him and Persephone.

MYTHIC Genevieve McCarthy (Aphrodite) Michael Mather (Hades) and cast Photo Marc Brenner

But I have to say, the one member of the cast who absolutely stole the show for me was Genevieve McCarthy as Aphrodite. Not only does she have an incredible Britney Spears-esque voice, but she’s absolutely hilarious too. Underneath all the selfies and power, all Aphrodite seeks is approval from her father Zeus, which makes her feel all that more human. McCarthy is definitely one to watch in the future.

Mythic Genevieve McCarthy (Aphrodite) and Michael Mathert (Hades)

With humour and spark, Marcus Stevens and Oran Eldor’s contemporary musical about the greek gods is fast paced and hugely entertaining. The piece humanises the greek gods and makes them feel all that more relateable. Director/Choreographer Sarah O’Gleby has brought together an exceptional cast, many of whom are making their professional London debuts to provide an enjoyable show that isn’t to be missed.

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