Hot Gay Time Machine @ Trafalgar Studios 2*

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Tickets and more information:
Booking until: 5th January 2019
Production Photos by: Pamela Raith

As soon as you enter the studio, you are instantly greeted by two enthusiastic men decked out in pink and white. These are our two main characters Hot Gay Zak and Hot Gay Toby and the audience are invited into a time machine that they’ve found. The time machine takes Zak and Toby back to significant moments in their life, from coming out to their parents to being gay in high school to finding platonic gay friends at university.

019_HGTM_Pamela Raith Photography

Firstly, this show is so much bloody fun. The beginning of the show as the audience is piling in feels like a huge dance party creating a hugely energetic atmosphere playing absolute bangers from Lady GaGa to Carly Rae Jepsen to many more pop icons. Anna Reid’s set and Alistair Lindsay’s lighting design are bright and vibrant, adding to the party atmosphere.

034_HGTM_Pamela Raith Photography

From the get go, Toby and Zak carry the 90 minute show with heart, hilarity and a song about looking at cocks in the locker room (no, seriously). Their friendship is undoubtedly strong and they play off each other really well. Zak Ghazi-Torbati has a beautiful vocal range, which shines as he comes out to his mum (played by a woman who was plucked from the front row). Toby Marlow equally has a fantastic voice. He takes charge of the choreography and piano playing while sporting the sharpest cheekbones I’ve ever seen.

011_HGTM_Pamela Raith Photography

Along with director Lucy Moss, the trio have created an exciting and bright new show with an upbeat score about what its like to be a gay man today. The script interjects political commentary and festive references (included to appease the producers funding their West End transfer) without ever feeling out of place. I had so much fun in the Hot Gay Time Machine and I highly urge you to take your friends for a fun night out. Although, I wouldn’t recommend sitting in the front row if audience participation is not your thing.

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