Nine Night @ Trafalgar Studio*

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Tickets and more information:
Booking until: 23rd February 2019
Production Photos by: Helen Murray

After a sold out run in the Dorfman, the National Theatre’s production of Nine Night has transferred to the Trafalgar Studios giving audiences more chances to see Natasha Gordon’s award winning debut play. The play follows a Jamaican-British family who mourn the loss of a relative by hosting the Jamaican tradition of nine nights, a celebration of life over the course of nine nights.


One difference in this production versus the production at the National is now Natasha Gordon is playing her main character Lorraine, who has been looking after her mum in her final days. Although the play still carried an emotional punch before, it seems to hit harder now that she’s delivering the lines she wrote. And she leads with emotional force, the last scene at the end is even more heartbreaking. Surrounding her is a fantastic ensemble of Lorraine’s family members, including an absolutely hilarious and scene stealing performance from Cecelia Noble as Maggie whose comic timing and delivery is so on point, just give her the Olivier already. There is a stand out performance from Oliver Alvin-Wilson as Lorraine’s brother Robert, who gives a stellar nuanced performance in a man who is struggling to deal with the death of his mum and how this affects his relationship with his wife Sophie (played by Hattie Ladbury).


Overall, Nine Night is a really touching look at what it means to be a family and the sacrifices one has to make to provide for their family. Not only does it tug at your heart strings, it makes you laugh until you cry. It’s a short one with a run time of 1hr 45 but the time flies by. It is great to see other cultures outside of the white, middle class narrative represented in the West End and there should be more like it. Definitely check out this stunning debut play.

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