Murder For Two @ The Other Palace*

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Tickets and more information:
Booking until: 13th January 2019
Production Photos by: Scott Rylander

Murder For Two is a two hander musical comedy which takes place over an evening as a police officer is trying to solve the murder of a famous author, who has been killed at his birthday party. Before the chief turns up, Officer Marcus must interview all of the suspects in order to find the culprit and impress his boss.

Ed MacArthur and Jeremy Legat in Murder For Two. Photo Scott Rylander (2)

Joe Kinosian and Kellen Blair’s vaudevillian-esque two hander musical is an absolute hoot. The score is upbeat and mostly just performed by the actors on a piano which allows the comedic writing shine through (except for one number towards the end, which is very outlandish but brilliant). The two actors deliver hilarious, tour de force performances. Ed MacArthur is excellent as Officer Marcus and is wonderfully funny. But I have to say Jeremy Legat slightly outshines him, by transitioning between playing all of the suspects (of which there must be about 8+!) at the birthday party so effortlessly.

Ed MacArthur and Jeremy Legat in Murder For Two. Photo Scott Rylander

Gabriella Slade’s set design is cosy in The Other Palace studio, but is just the right shade of grey that it becomes a perfect ode to the crime stories that followed before this one. Chris Wither’s lighting design and Tom Attwood’s sound design set the atmosphere brilliantly under Luke Shepperd’s fantastic direction. If you’re looking for a hilarious treat to carry you through the Christmas season, definitely get down to The Other Palace for Murder For Two.

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