Blog Goals for 2019

Happy New Year, everybody! How do we all feel about 2019 so far? After having quite the year in 2018, I’m finally starting to feel refreshed and recharged and in the swing of it again. Towards the end of 2018, I started to become very lazy with blogging because it began to feel like a chore as a result of the ever so annoying impostor syndrome. But I’m determined to kick impostor syndrome’s butt this year and to do that I’m starting off with some blog goals for 2019. Although, for me, this is a bit like a checklist I hope to have ticked off at the end of the year!

Review shows you’ve bought tickets for

All I ended up posting towards the end of the year was reviews of shows I was (luckily enough!) to be given tickets to in exchange for a review, because I had to review the show. And some of the shows were great and SO easy to review, but some were so hard to review, especially if I didn’t like them. Usually if I did buy a ticket to a show, I would only review it if I could be as positive as possible. But sometimes it’s nice to just be part of a conversation around a show.

Upgrade your logo

The amazing Jemma at Dorkface designed my logo and header back in 2017 so I definitely think it’s time for an upgrade. I might wait until she’s back from maternity leave later in the year, but if you know of any other graphic designers, do let me know!

Cover things that aren’t shows

As much as I love a theatre trip, I also love trips to the cinema and a good book! I started off blogging about books back in the day, so would love to get back into it. I’ve already set myself the 50 book challenge on Goodreads which will give me something to look forward to completing… hopefully.

Don’t just cover shows with just a review

I’m going to attempt to bite the bullet and not be so scared about interviewing creatives in the theatre industry. I definitely want to try and interview more writers to pick their brains about the creative process, especially as I’m an aspiring writer myself. Fingers crossed!

If you’re a blogger, what are your goals for your blog in 2019? And do you have any motivation tips because this girl is going to need them in the next year!

Until next time,


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  1. Love these! I have a few for this year too!
    – Aiming to increase my SEO and doing some collabs!
    – Write or content plan at least once per week
    – Aiming to see more smaller shows, rather than “mainstream” big hits but branching out and supporting small/local theatre more
    – Reading more blogs, engaging with more bloggers and working out more of what my blog voice is and what content is successful!

    Smashing it with ya blog Hayley xx

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