Coming Clean @ Trafalgar Studios 2*

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Tickets and more information:
Booking until: 2nd February 2019
Production Photos by: Scott Rylander
Run time: 1hr 55 mins with a 15 minute interval
Trigger warnings?: Full frontal nudity. 

Coming Clean takes place in a London flat, occupied by Greg and Tony as they celebrate their 5th anniversary together. However, things are shaken up when Tony hires a young actor named Robert to be their cleaner. The play focuses on the themes of monogamy and sexual freedom within a relationship, with a particular focus on homosexual relationships.

l-r stanton plummer-cambridge, tom lambert and lee knight in coming clean credit scott rylander

The space in the Trafalgar Studios 2 is perfect for a play like this. A very intimate setting for a very intimate play allows the audience to see all the nuances and details within the four actors excellent performances. Especially from Elliott Hadley as their neighbour William. I’ll admit, I found that the character doesn’t really add much to the overall plot but Hadley is so charming and captivating in the role, you miss him when he’s not on stage.

l-r elliot hadley and lee knight in coming clean credit scott rylander

Kevin Elyot’s script is well written and I particularly enjoyed the structural parallels between the scenes in act one and two and how detailed the seemingly regular conversations between the characters were, giving the audience insight into the characters backgrounds. But I can’t help but feel towards the end, the play started to unravel itself. Especially with a plot twist that came out of nowhere and isn’t really explained as well as an unclear timeline.

tom lambert in coming clean credit scott rylander (2)

That being said, Coming Clean is still a very enjoyable play performed by four excellent actors. It’s very funny and does open the door to a conversation that I haven’t seen much of in theatre. I just hope the overall structure of it was tied up a bit better.

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