Five Shows To Catch At The Vault Festival 2019

The Vault Festival is taking over Waterloo for the 7th year running by showcasing the best in new writing through theatre, comedy, cabaret and a whole lot more! Here are five shows that have popped up on my radar that may be of interest to you to try and catch.

In Loyal Company


David William Bryan’s one man show about his great uncle Arthur Robinson in World War II earned rave reviews at the Edinburgh Fringe and at the Pleasance Theatre last year. What is set to be an emotive and heart wrenching piece, I’m really hoping to finally catch one of David’s fantastic tour-de-force performances.

Queens of Sheba


Queens of Sheba follows 4 women who tell their own true stories of their experiences of racism, sexism and where the two overlap. The piece is loosely based on the 2015 incident at DSRKT nightclub where the club refused entry to a group of women for being “too black”. This show also had rave reviews at the Edinburgh Fringe and won an Edinburgh Stage Award, so definitely one to keep on your radar.

Katie & Pip


A heartwarming show about a Type 1 diabetic teenager named Katie and her border collie dog Pip, who is trained to save Katie’s live on a daily basis. Based on a true story, this show is sure to pull on your heart strings. I’m also intrigued by the fact they use a live dog in the show too.

We’ve Got Each Other


Now, this show I was lucky enough to catch! We’ve Got Each Other is a new musical based on the music of Bon Jovi which follows the West Side Story-esque romance between Tommy and Gina. The only thing is Paul, who is presenting the show, doesn’t have the budget to put on a full scale production of the show. So the audience is invited to imagine the theatrical spectacular themselves. It’s truly hilarious and I loved the show when I saw it at the Pleasance Theatre last year (you can read my review here!)



FemFringe will host two nights throughout the festival as a celebration of female talent. The first in January being a Comedy Club, showcasing the best in female comedy. The event after this will be a showcase of the best in theatre that promotes diversity and tackles feminist issues head on. Those of all genders are encouraged to attend, so definitely keep on your radar.

What shows are you looking forward to seeing at The Vault Festival this year? The festival takes place from January 23rd to 17th March. For tickets and more information please visit

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