No Show @ Soho Theatre*

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐
Tickets and more information:
Booking until: 9th February 2019
Production Photos by: Chris Reynolds
Run time: 1hr 10 min straight through.

No Show follows a group of female circus performers as they shine alight on wha being a performer in the circus is really like. Devised by director Ellie DuBois and the performers, the show presents the dangers of tricks going wrong, the cattiness between performers and the gender disparity within the circus performing industry.

ellie dubois' no show, platform - courtesy of chris reynolds (6)

Firstly, the skill of the performers is out of this world. The troupe are incredibly talented and it is clear the mount of practice that has gone into developing their level of skill. I couldn’t quite believe what I was seeing , they had incredible synchronicity. I also really liked how frank and honest the piece was. I found similarities in the deadpan delivery of the performers to be as tongue in cheek as something like The Office. Although, I thought this was funnier.

ellie dubois' no show, platform - courtesy of chris reynolds (3)

What let me down in this production was the lack of structure in the show. I can’t quite work out if this was done on purpose, to reflect the ‘No Show’ title, but this made the piece fall flat for me. Because one moment, there will be a scene showcasing some incredible tricks and then in the next moment, they’re sat on the floor awkwardly staring at the audience as they eat doughnuts. The awkward stares at the audience seemed to be a recurring motif within the piece and I just didn’t get it.

ellie dubois' no show, platform - courtesy of chris reynolds (49)

Although the piece does delve into some interesting truths about being a female circus performer and highlights the incredible skill of circus performers, the lack of structure within the piece lets it down for me.

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