Popular Netflix Shows I Still Have Yet To Watch

I’m very particular when it comes to watching shows on Netflix. I try not to binge watch all at once as it makes all of the episodes blur into one big giant blob for me. So I try and split up the seasons I watch. The thing is, there’s so much on offer to watch, that I can’t always keep up and I miss the trends! Inspired by Debbie at Mind The Blog’s Missed The Boat series, here is a list of 5 Netflix shows that I need to get on board with.


This might be a slight cop out, because the series was just released on Netflix. But I am really intrigued by this as a result of Netflix’s claim that 40 million members have watched the show in it’s first month of being on the platform. Despite the show’s former home at Lifetime only averaging 611k viewers. I’m interested to see what everyone’s going on about!

The Making of a Murderer

I remember when this show first came out, because it was EVERYWHERE. The advertising budget was big on this one and I remember everybody being hooked. But I just haven’t checked it out yet. To be honest, I’m not entirely sure what it’s about apart from the show follows a real life case… What I do know is that there have been rumours of a second season for ages, so I should probably jump on this bandwagon soon.

The Last Kingdom

I’m not the biggest historical fantasy lover but I enjoy it every now and then. Plus I already have one historical fantasy series in my life… But Game of Thrones is ending soon and I’ll need something new to fill the hole. I’ve heard nothing but great things about The Last Kingdom so I look forward to checking it out.


I have such a soft spot for Jonathan Groff, that I surprise myself with the fact I’ve not watched this show yet. Although, I think this is mostly due to me being put off by the showrunner planning to do 5 seasons of the show. Because it means I’ll have to wait it out. But we shall see!

Orphan Black

This is definitely a cop out, because I watched the first three seasons when they aired on the BBC. But I’m not quite sure if I stopped out of laziness or because the ending to season 3 was an absolute pisstake. I’m determined to give the show a rewatch and finish the last two seasons which aired on Netflix!

Are there shows on Netflix that you’ve still yet to watch? Let me know what they are!

Until next time,


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