BOOK REVIEW | Unfiltered by Lily Collins

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
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After being blown away by her performance in Les Miserables, I had to pick up Lily Collins’ memoir which has been sitting on my to be read pile for ages. In Unfiltered, Lily offers her experiences in life, covering topics from eating disorders to abusive relationships to her love of journalism and how she got to the position she’s in today.

What I loved about Lily’s writing style was how breezy and casual it was. It was like you were chatting with a friend over coffee. Though she’s upfront and honest about her experiences, she also offers what she learned and how she uses those experiences to move forward and help others. One anecdote that really moved me was how an ex-boyfriend of hers had a drinking problem and the way that impacted their relationship. When it came down to her dad also having problems with drinking, she was more prepared to help him with it because of what she had learned from her ex-boyfriend.


If you’re like me and know her as an actress first, then Lily’s book doesn’t really delve into some of the films that she’s worked on, she only mentions a couple of them. But what I was surprised by was how she actually got her start in journalism, writing as a teenager for teenagers when she was younger. Her passion for being a voice while encouraging others to raise theirs shines through the entire book.

Overall, Lily’s memoir is a very enjoyable read and shows that no matter your battles, you can still achieve your dreams. The one thing I did wish the book had was trigger warnings. So do be careful if it isn’t so easy to read about eating disorders, food, alcohol abuse and domestic/emotional abuse as the book covers all of these.

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