Toast @ The Other Palace*

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Tickets and more information:
Booking until: 3rd August 2019
Production Photos by: Simon Annand
Run time: 2hr 10 mins 

Toast is the stage adaptation of acclaimed food writer Nigel Slater’s autobiography of the same name. In this play, we are invited to an insight into his relationships with his parents and how they influenced his love of food. Despite knowing very little about Nigel Slater and his work, I still found Henry Filloux-Bennett’s stage adaptation to be a truly lovely and heartwarming piece of theatre.


We first meet Nigel when he is 9 years old. Although, Giles Cooper who plays Nigel is clearly not 9 years old, he’s fresh faced and youthful enough that the child-like naivety he portrays is believable enough that he delivers a really great performance. The entire show is a real ensemble effort but I must say a special mention should go to Lizzie Muncey as Nigel’s mum, who gave a really strong performance plus changed into a few other characters along the way seamlessly.


Jonnie Riordan does a fantastic job directing this show. Going hand in hand with Libby Watson’s set design, the show’s ability to play on it’s self awareness is very strong and works well. Because in the autobiography, Nigel Slater would be telling the story to the reader, this technique applies well to the audience who are watching the story play out in front of them, it makes them feel more connected. The decision to send food out into the audience helps enhance this connection, which I adored and not just because I got a free walnut whip.


Although I can’t comment on the translation from page to stage, I still thoroughly enjoyed this truly lovely story about life, family and food. It’s got great humour, brilliant staging and mini lemon meringues. What more could you want?

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