Tumulus @ Soho Theatre*

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Tickets and more information: https://sohotheatre.com/shows/tumulus/
Booking until: 4th May 2019
Production Photos by: Darren Bell
Run time: 1hr 15 mins 

Tumulus begins with our protagonist Anthony, an avid drug user who frequently attends chemsex parties with other men, discovering a previous one night stand of his named George has died of an overdose. Or did he? After a second young man is discovered on the tumulus of Hampstead Heath in the same way, Anthony is determined to prove that these young men were murdered instead.

Ciaran Owens 2, Photography Credit- Darren Bell, Director – Matt Steinberg, Designer – Alison Neighbour, LX Designer – Christopher Nairne

Christopher Adams’ play touches on themes of drug misuse and chemsex and the intimate space of the Soho Upstairs allows the tension in the play to really seep into the audience. Leading the three piece cast is Ciarán Owens as our protagonist Anthony who really shines in this show and delivers a powerful charge in his narration. He is supported by Ian Hallard and Harry Lister-Smith who juggle a variety of accents and postures as they seemingly seamlessly switch between various characters.

I have to commend the design of the space by Alison Neighbour which uses what it has to create an effective atmosphere by having two small cabinets with drawers that houses all the props and uses them well. The sound design by Nick Manning and lighting design by Christopher Nairne is excellent and enhances the hallucinatory state of Anthony and seemed to add an extra layer to Ciarán Owens’ performance.

Ciaran Owens 3, Photography Credit- Darren Bell, Director – Matt Steinberg, Designer – Alison Neighbour, LX Designer – Christopher Nairne

This is a really well done play with some fantastic performances that is worth popping down to the Soho Theatre to check out. The 75 minute run time absolutely flies by. I also think it’s worth noting this play is produced by Outside Edge Theatre Company which provide drama and theatre classes for those who have been affected by substance misuse, a recurring theme in the play. For more information on Outside Edge please visit www.edgetc.org

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