Radio @ Arcola Theatre*

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Tickets and more information:
Booking until: 13th July
Production Photos by: Helen Maybanks
Run time: 1hr 20mins.

Radio follows Charlie Fairbanks who dreams of becoming an astronaut and visiting the moon once he sees Americans are going. In this superb one man play by Al Smith, as Charlie recounts the history of his life, he also recounts the history of the changing world around him.

In this production, Charlie Fairbanks is played by recent Olivier award nominee Adam Gillen who delivers a gripping and captivating performance, making sure he’s talking to the entire room. Not just playing Charlie, he also plays his parents and other supporting characters in the show, seamlessly jumping from one to the other.


Al Smith’s script is engaging and entertaining, while not relying too heavily on the themes around politics and space. Instead, he creates a universal atmosphere of a man trying to achieve his dreams. This production is being produced by the audio company Audible which works for this type of production which does heavily rely on the words and the performance. There isn’t much of a set design but the minimalism designed by Sophie Thomas prevents any distraction from the work.

Overall, this is a pleasantly enjoyable show, with a stunning performance from Adam Gillen.

Until next time,


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