The Actor’s Nightmare @ Park Theatre*

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Tickets and more information:

Booking until: 10th August 2019
Run time: 1hr 45 mins
Production photos by: Ali Wright

A series of one act plays by Tony Award winner Christopher Durang are compiled together in this engaging and thoroughly entertaining look at the entertainment industry. Filled with satire and a brilliant company of 5 actors, The Actor’s Nightmare is another great production that makes the Park Theatre shine as a hidden gem of a theatre in north London.

Ali Wright

Ali Wright

Although the plays are strung together by the theme of show business and entertainment, each piece deals with a different area of that world. From a stand up comic who isn’t very funny to a bizarre staging of Medea to someone being thrown on as an understudy without knowing how they ended up there in the first place, I feel the piece was put together very well and showed a variety in Christopher Durang’s writing and subject topics.

Ali Wright

Ali Wright

All five actors are exquisite and are an incredibly tight ensemble, with each performer having their moment in the sun. Meaghan Martin is brilliantly funny as a Hollywood writer in the first scene and shifts to the lonely stand up comic, showing a completely different side of the coin. Layo-Christina Akinlude and Stefan Menaul are excellent with their comedy, particularly in the Streetcar Named Desire scene. Kate Sumpter is hilarious right from the get go and Adrian Richards is consistently hilarious (and can really bust a move!).

Yes, this might not be a conventional play but it’s a brilliantly funny and entertaining look at the entertainment industry. The 90+ run time absolutely flew by.

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