My Son Pinocchio Jr @ Southwark Playhouse*

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐
Tickets and more information:
Booking until: 14th August 2019
Run time: 1 hour

One of the productions the British Theatre Academy are presenting in their summer takeover at the Southwark Playhouse is Stephen Schwartz’s My Son Pinocchio. This production takes place after the Disney film where Geppetto calls on the Blue Fairy to take Pinocchio back due to his constant misbehaving.

Although most of the songs in the show are a completely new score written by Stephen Schwartz, he and book writer David Stern do insert a couple of the classic songs from the Disney film, so the audience isn’t walking into unknown territory. The cast, made up of young actors, are excellent as an ensemble and they’re clearly having a great time. Although I must single out James Sampson’s performance as Geppetto, who was fantastic. He seriously has a bright future ahead of him.

To be frank, the whole show was honestly a bit sickly sweet for me. But it is worth popping down to the Southwark Playhouse to watch some bright young blossoming performers and have a fun time for an hour. As well as having a great message for the little ones, it’s also reminiscent of the original Disney film to make the older audience members feel that little bit nostalgic.

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