Queen Of The Mist @ Charing Cross Theatre*

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Tickets and more information: https://charingcrosstheatre.co.uk/theatre/queen-of-the-mist
Booking until: 5th October 2019
Run time: 2hr 15 mins.
Production Photographs by: Stephen Russell

Queen of the Mist tells the real life story of Anna Edson Taylor who, on her 63rd birthday in 1901, set out to be the first person to go over Niagra Falls in a barrel and survive. Michael John LaChiusa’s luscious score tackles themes such as fame and what people will do to be able to live comfortably.

Often it succeeds in it’s presentation for an incredibly niche subject, mostly driven by a star making turn by Trudi Camilleri as Anna, but some moments it does have some unnecessary filler moments, such as the ending that took forever to actually end. We know what’s coming, I don’t know why they had to dilly dally around it. That being said, the show does have a much stronger act one where Trudi Camilleri is allowed to shine and rightly so because she was fantastic. She has impeccable chemistry with Will Arundell who plays her manager and their back and forth banter is entertaining to watch. The rest of the 5 piece ensemble are excellent juggling multiple roles.

Queen of the Mist Trudi Camilleri Photo Stephen Russell

The traverse staging designed by Tara Usher works well in terms of it’s similarities to a barrel, that it actually gives off a very homely vibe, with ornaments and pictures decorating the small alcoves. There is also some incredibly stunning lighting, particularly at the end of act one, by Bethany Gupwell, with the use of strong bold colours.

To be honest, it is worth the watch mostly for the performance by Trudi Camilleri. It is a very niche musical that, frankly, could be trimmed down a little. But definitely see it for her.

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