The Green Fairy @ Union Theatre*

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Tickets and more information:
Booking until: 23rd November
Run time: 2hr 10 mins
Production Photographs by: Jack Sain

Taking place in the pub she spent her whole adult life in, The Green Fairy follows Jo, a woman with an alcohol addiction who is looking back on her life as guided by The Green Fairy, a personification of the pub. As Jo looks back on her life, she wonders how different her life could have turned out, should she had followed certain opportunities presented to her at the time.

Using a cast of 5 actor musicians, the story is driven by a wonderful, acoustic score by Jack Sain and Stephen Libby that’s fresh in the new British musical theatre canon. The cast is led by the always excellent Julie Atherton as Jo, who gives a really moving performance of a woman looking back on her life. There’s also wonderful support from Georgina Hellier as the title character, while simultaneously playing a character that made a real impact on Jo’s life.

Georgina Hellier (The Green Fairy) and Emma Whittaker (Young Jo) (c) Jack Sain (2)

As if writing the entire show wasn’t enough on his plate, Jack Sain also manages to find the time to direct the show as well. I really liked the staging of The Green Fairy and how it utilized as much of the small Union Theatre space.  Although the role of Wendy is a small one (although wonderfully played by Emma Kinney), I really admired the use of the character being in the background the entire time. It was as if, she was the one watching her mum’s life story play out. The use of actors playing instruments felt natural to the story. This really emphasised how Jo’s friends/family supported her (quite literally and metaphorically here), which I really liked.

This is a genuine gem of a musical with a lovely score, an absolutely wonderful cast and superb direction. The Green Fairy gives hope to those in the black hole and are looking to climb out of it. Absolutely check out this wonderful, new British musical.

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