An Act Of God* @ The Vaults

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Tickets and more information:
Booking until: 12th January
Run time: 90 mins
Production Photographs by: Geraint Lewis

Have you ever wanted clarification on what God meant with the Ten Commandments? Now you have it. In the form of comedian Zoe Lyons, God (along with two angels Michael and Gabriel), is currently residing at The Vaults (the Launcelot Street entrance) with a plan to clear up some misinterpretations as well as answer questions about why mankind is the way that it is.

Having previously ran on Broadway twice featuring Jim Parsons and Sean Hayes playing God, writer David Javerbaum has updated the script to reflect British humour/culture. Not only does this include self aware references to God being played by a woman for the first time but yes, this does mean there are references to Brexit, Piers Morgan and Premier League football teams. Luckily, David Javerbaum’s writing is well done and hilarious enough to keep the audience entertained, even though a couple of jokes could’ve been dropped on the cutting room floor.


Zoe Lyons is a brilliant choice here to play God. Thoroughly engaging throughout, she is a delight to watch and consistently hits all the right funny notes. I hadn’t seen any of her previous stand up work before this but I think I might have to now. Playing her angels is Matt Tedford as Michael, who portrays a very innocent and slightly naive Archangel but manages to draw his own conclusion at the end of the play. I also thought he did a great job at getting the audience on his side. And playing the Archangel Gabriel is Tom Bowen, who does well with the limited material he’s given. I just felt it was a bit reductive having this super hench guy where the most he does is read out the commandments when more could’ve been done with the role.

Overall, An Act of God is a fun, hilarious evening out and is a great alternative for the pantomime season. Would recommend!

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