Tom Brown’s School Days @ Union Theatre*

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐
Tickets and more information:
Booking until: 2nd February 2020
Run time: 1hr 45mins

In a new adaptation of the Thomas Hughes novel, Tom Brown’s School Days has been updated with a world war 2 setting. The production takes place at Rugby boarding school as it looks back at the school years of the young men who would go on to lead the armed forces. Although the production at times lacks a unique quality, it makes up for in excellent performances by a young cast, most of whom have just left drama school.

Firstly, the production didn’t really know if it wanted to be a musical or a play. There’s a few musical interludes threaded throughout which, don’t get me wrong they sounded lovely when performed, but I didn’t really get why the production needed them. Little Light Of Mine is a great song, just not sure why it was needed. I also found the overall story was a bit predictable at times but this isn’t the first story about the rise of soldiers in WWII, so it’s not exactly an unknown period of history being brought to light.

That said, there were some wonderful performances, with Hudson Brown giving a lovely, layered performance as our protagonist. Special mention should also go to Sam James Page, Mikko Juan and a scene stealing Ursula Mohan too. The great set design by Reuben Speed and costume design by Penn O’Gara really bring the atmosphere of an all boys boarding school to life with it’s rustic painted walls and Ravenclaw-like uniforms. I also thought the lighting design by Ben Bull had some really lovely moments to shine.

Overall, worth checking out for some really good performances and if you’re a fan of historical stories.

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