Sex/Crime @ Soho Theatre*

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐
Tickets and more information:
Booking until: 1st February 2020
Run time: 1hr
Production photos by: Matt Spike

Set in an attic in Soho, two men meet to recreate killings made by a famous serial killer whose victims were gay men. Over the hour, the two characters named ‘A’ and ‘B’ take part in a balance of power that constantly shifts throughout the production. One thing that does work about this play is that it plays on your mind, because it’s been two days since I’ve seen the production and I am still yet to come to a proper conclusion on whether I liked it or not.

One thing you can say about Alexis Gregory’s writing is that it’s undeniably bold. With razor sharp dialogue and moments of hilarity, I did find myself enjoying it. But then it takes an absolutely bizarre and sinister turn to the point where, I’m not entirely sure how to interpret the ending. I can’t fault the use of staging in the very intimate space in Robert Chevara’s direction nor can I fault the performances of the two actors. Jonny Woo is excellent and his monologue delivery feels very detailed and are captivating. Alexis Gregory is also very good here and nails the one liners, although at times the performance feels very over the top but it somehow works within the proximity of the play.

I think that maybe this show just was not for me. Or I just didn’t get it. Or it wasn’t made for me. I’m not the biggest fan of thrillers but I don’t see them often on stage so was willing to give this show a go after being thoroughly impressed with Alexis’ previous show Riot Act. If you like bizarre, odd thrillers this one is for you.

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