La Cage Aux Folles [The Play] @ Park Theatre*

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Tickets and more information:
Booking until: 21st March 2020
Run time: 2hr 05 mins

Jean Poiret’s original French play is currently making it’s English language debut at the Park Theatre. The play follows Georges who has to completely hide his life and business as a drag club owner when his son Laurent brings home his fiancée and her very conservative family. As such, comedy ensues. With some great performances, I found this production to be very entertaining.

Leading the cast as Georges is Michael Matus who is wonderfully charming in this role, along with Arthur Hughes as his son Laurent. However, the real scene stealers were Paul Hunter as Georges partner Albin and Syrus Lowe as their servant Jacob. Both are utterly hilarious and fantastic.

In terms of the writing, the adaptation from Simon Callow adds a British feel to the play through its use of humour and comedic timing. The set design by Tim Shortall is lavish and excellent, I particularly loved the display of St Tropez out of the window.

Although attitudes may be more accepting towards the LGBT+ community not having to hide who they are, it is interesting that this play decides to portray how attitudes used to be in a comedic light, which I don’t think is often seen in plays. Or is at least done as well as it is here.

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