Zorro The Musical In Concert @ Cadogan Hall*

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Run time: 2hr 40 mins

After seeing Club 11 and Take Two Theatricals one night only production of Cinderella in Concert last year, I knew I had to check out their next musical in concert venture. This time round, they have teamed up with the London Musical Theatre Orchestra to bring to Cadogan Hall Zorro The Musical.

So the main story is how Zorro (or Diego as he’s known beneath the mask) arrives back home after being banished as a child to stop his brother Ramon from continuing to abuse the entire town with how powerful he has become. The whole conflict of politics side to the story, I found really interesting because it shows how a family can be divided by what they believe in. However, it’s often overshadowed by a couple of instant love stories that had the opposite effect on me, because they felt very over the top and ridiculous. Is it really believable that a young female really wouldn’t be bothered by a masked stranger popping into her bathroom while she’s in the bath? Maybe I’m taking it too seriously but it just felt ridiculous. That being said, the best songs in the show came from the moments that followed the love story scenes. (Okay maybe I am taking it too seriously, but I wanted more political action. That’s just my preference).

The entire cast were absolutely exquisite. Ricardo Afonso who played the titular character was absolutely sensational. His voice is so powerful, it almost blew the entire roof off the venue. Recreating her Olivier Award winning performance from the original production is Broadway star Lesli Margherita as Inez, the Gypsy Queen with whom Diego has been travelling with. Not only does she also have a voice to die for but every line she delivered was a zinger, her comedic timing was impeccable. Emma Williams also led the cast as Luisa, Diego’s childhood friend who brings him back home. Her voice is absolutely sensational. Despite having 4 Olivier Award nominations to her name, I still think she’s incredibly underrated in the West End. Her performance of “Man Behind The Mask” was stunning. Special mention must go to Robert Tripolino who made a viciously, villainous Ramon and was entertaining everytime he was on stage.

The score by the Gipsy Kings with lyrics by Stephen Clark is incredibly uplifting and stands out from a lot of musical theatre with its latin and flamenco influence. Bound to leave you tapping your toes, the music just oozes with the feel good factor, particularly in the huge ensemble numbers. The London Musical Theatre Orchestra and Chorus provided such lush orchestrations and vocals throughout the evening led by Freddie Tapner.

Overall, I found this to be another knockout collaboration between Club 11 and Take Two Theatricals. A superb and enjoyable evening delivered by a sensational cast and orchestra. Roll on the next one!

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