My Favourite Happiness Begins Tour Performances

After being the last fan on the planet to do so, I finally watched the Jonas Brothers’ tour documentary Happiness Continues last week. Since I had already used up my 30 day free trial for Amazon Prime to watch their initial documentary (Happiness Begins), I had to make sure that the 99p I spent on a 7 day trial was worth it. And it totally was.  It’s actually quite mad to think my friends and I only saw them live and in person 3 months ago. Utter barmy. It felt nice to rewatch the songs being performed again and it gave me some inspiration. It’s genuinely a good documentary to watch in these times for a bit of a jam and escapism. So I have decided to highlight 5 songs that I loved watching them perform on tour.

  • Only Human (Happiness Begins)

An absolute banger off their latest album Happiness Begins. It’s a great song to have a dance to. This is included in the documentary and they do this little catwalk type “choreography” (listen, I’m being nice when I call it that). And then they all line up and, along with their guitarists and backing vocalists, all drop down in a squat and we all COLLECTIVELY LOST OUR MINDS. Watching it back, I honestly did wonder why on Earth it made us all shit our pants (metaphorically) when it is literally the bare minimum of choreography. Still though, it’s a ruddy good banger and a great performance.

  • World War 3 (Lines Vines and Trying Times)

This is one of the songs that was in their medley of songs from back in the day (which sadly isn’t in the doc) but I LOVED that they included World War 3. It’s my favourite song by them and the beat on makes me want to sing at the loudest possible volume.

  • Lovebug (A Little Bit Longer)

I have such fond memories with this song. My first Jonas Brothers gig was at the Hammersmith Apollo in 2008, right in the peak of the whole Camp Rock madness. The album A Little Bit Longer had already been released in the US at this point and it was about to be released in the UK shortly after the gig. The best part of that gig was when they sang Lovebug and they were so shocked that everybody in the audience knew the words even though the album hadn’t come out. Now, I don’t know if they didn’t know what Limewire/Frostwire was and didn’t clock as to how the crowd knew the words. But it was an amazing moment. It’s also good to know that 12 years later, the song still absolutely slaps.

  • Burnin’ Up (A Little Bit Longer)

You want flames? You want jumping out of the stage? You want to hear Big Rob’s iconic rap? Burnin’ Up has it all. A classic. Iconic. The day they stop doing this song live is the day I stop stanning them.

  • Rollercoaster (Happiness Begins)

This is my favourite song off their new album. I think it really highlights the journey they went through to get to a good enough place to bring the Jonas Brothers back. It’s an epic intro to the show and it’s a really great tune.

Did you go to the Happiness Begins tour and/or watch the new documentary on Amazon Prime? Let me know what you thought!

Stay safe and until next time!


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  1. I had to say that when I had rewatched this tour I had almost started crying cause this tour was just so amazing when I had seen them in Phoenix, Arizona last year. Being from a small town in a state like Mississippi I’ve never thought that I would even have a chance to see them at all cause the first time I had live streamed their concert was back in 2012 when I was a college freshman. Now I will just have to keep waiting on meeting them at a meet and greet as part of their next tour. The Happiness Begins Tour was by far one of their best tours but I wish that I had seen them on their previous tours or seen them in more states.

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