Tea With Hayley |The First One

Welcome to my new weekly series! Basically, I felt like I needed something to get me motivated to keep blogging during this time, so I’ve decided to become a columnist. Or a pretend one at least. I’m going to aim to publish one of these every Monday so grab a cup of tea (or a beverage of your choice) and have a read of what’s been happening in my life for the past week.

Highlight of the week

I have two for this. The first one being that I placed joint first in Daniella’s quarantine quiz on Instagram. I was so unbelievably chuffed about this, because the day prior I did the National Theatre’s quiz and out of 15 questions, I got… 1 right. It was so much fun and she’s doing another quiz tomorrow on Instagram and I definitely recommend checking it out!

The second one is that I got to see my aunties very briefly! They had done some shopping in Asda and dropped some bits round for us. They observed social distancing measures (and wore PPE) but it was so funny because it was the first time in about 5 weeks that my aunt Tina had left her house and thus her first time seeing anyone that wasn’t her partner. So she was actually shouting hello down our road to everyone and anyone. It was absolutely hilarious and definitely livened up our street.

Lowlight of the week

I also have two for this too. Firstly is that I’m actually well gutted that there will be no more episodes of Joel Dommett’s at home series that he’s been doing with his wife on ITV2. It’s been so much fun and so inventive given all they have to make the show is what they’ve got in their home. I have a ticket to see Joel perform at the end of this year, I hope I still get to see it!

My second lowlight is that I have had the most annoying headache for a couple of days now. I’m not sure if this is because of the drop in temperature or because it’s been more dull lately but it’s getting on my nerves. Not ideal when you’re still working from home!

Good Things I Watched

So every week my pals and I have a Netflix watch party every Friday night. This week, we watched Beyonce’s Homecoming which was amazing. I absolutely need to see her perform live at least once in my lifetime, she is really unworldly.

I’ve also been devouring films on Amazon Prime before my trial finished yesterday. Films I adored included The Big Sick, Booksmart and On The Basis Of Sex all of which I highly recommend. Particularly Booksmart if you’re in need of a good laugh. I also gave Chris Ramsey’s comedy special on there a watch as I’m absolutely obsessed with the podcast he hosts with his wife Rosie called Shagged, Married, Annoyed. He was absolutely hilarious and I hope to get a ticket to both the SMA tour and his own tour in the foreseeable future.


I’ve been quite productive in terms of blogging this past week. I watched the new Jonas Brothers documentary Happiness Continues and decided to have a little bit of a reminisce about when I saw them on tour at the start of the year. You can read that here.

Another first for me, I reviewed a play that was performed on Zoom! Curtain Call have produced the first in their Remote Read series with Tom Stoppard’s A Separate Peace. You can read my thoughts on that here.

And for the final part, I’m going to start with my favourite tweet of the week.

That’s all from me this week. I hope I can get my arse into gear and post another one of these next week.

Until then, keep well and keep safe!




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