Tea With Hayley | Hollywood & High School Musical

Afternoon all, another week is upon us! How are you all doing? You all alright?  I’m just as surprised I’ve managed to conk one of these out for another week so let’s get into it.

Highlight of the week

I rewatched all of the High School Musical films this bank holiday weekend and got such a nostalgic feel watching them. If my memory serves, the last time I watched the first High School Musical film was at a friend’s house and we watched the dance a long edition. I’m not too sure when the last time I watched the second film was. But I do remember I have only watched the third High School Musical film when I saw it in the cinema because I thought I was too cool for it afterwards. Spoiler alert – you’re never too cool for anything Disney.  It was so much fun to watch back, they’re such fab films.

Lowlight of the week

Is anyone else absolutely fed up with humanity as a whole? It’s so unbelievably frustrating to see people out and about as if there isn’t a destructive virus that continues to be on the move and has been for the last few months. I know this isn’t something new that’s been happening but it’s seriously pissing me off so much. That’s pretty much been the lowlight of my week, it’s just beyond a joke now.

Good things I watched

I binge watched all of Ryan Murphy’s new show Hollywood over the week. Although I found a lot of the last episode to be a bit predictable, I thoroughly enjoyed it! Some seriously great performances from Joe Mantello, Jeremy Pope and Laura Harrier. Darren Criss was also great in this too but I feel like his character didn’t have a lot to do. But for me the real start of the show was Jim Parsons who was astonishing. He stole every single scene he was in. Give that man an Emmy.


I’ve been so lazy with blogging this week that I haven’t posted anything else. To be frank, I’ve spent the time either reading or on Kim Kardashian Hollywood. I did finish reading The Yellow Room by Jess Vallance (which was a fine book) and I got on the A List. So… productive week?

And I am absolutely living for all the memes taking the piss out of Boris’ ‘stay alert’ message. Make sure you have your baseball bats nearby incase the Covid burgles you in the night.

Keep well and stay safe.

Until next time,



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