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Hello all! How are we all doing? We good? We surprised I’m back for another week? Same. But I do hope you’re all keeping well and keeping safe!

Highlight of the week

I received some Amazon packages from my friends Lucy and Sam this week. We decided to send each other some gifts because we all miss each other. The bizarre thing with lockdown is that it feels very weird not seeing your pals, especially when I see these two almost every week usually. Lucy got me a huge bag of vegan sweets (Vegan All Sorts, which are so delicious btw, they taste just like regular Haribo sweets). Sam got me some Hershey chocolates. I give it a week before both treats are finished.

I also finished a really good book this week. It’s called Puddin’ by Julie Murphy, it’s the companion sequel to Murphy’s 2018 book Dumplin’ which was then turned into a Netflix movie. I didn’t remember much about reading Dumplin because, according to Goodreads, I read it 2 years ago and gave it a 3 star rating. Usually in that case, I wouldn’t bother picking up the sequel but I must’ve bought Puddin’ before I even picked up Dumplin’. I’m glad I did pick up Puddin’ though because I thought it was a really enjoyable book. The book follows two of the side characters from the first book who form an unlikely friendship. I thought it was super lovely and had a strong message behind it. Now I have to watch the film adaptation of Dumplin’ on Netflix asap.

Lowlight of the week

So, I woke up early Monday morning with what I thought to be a general mouth ulcer. I thought it has popped up overnight as I had my retainers in, which can happen. I managed to find a tube of Bonjela in my bag to treat it. After using about half the tube, I then realised.. it was three months out of date. Fabulous.

Then when I realised by jaw was still aching but my teeth weren’t, I then realised it was probably my wisdom teeth coming through because I remembered my dentist warning me about it the last time I went. Great. Perfect timing. It’s not too bad, it doesn’t hurt when I eat or anything. But when I do chew things, it’s like the new teeth growing through get caught on the inside of my cheek and I end up chewing that instead. Fun!

I have a dentist appointment booked for June anyway as I’m meant to have a filling implemented then. Hopefully the dentist can sort out these new fangs I seem to be growing too.

Interesting Things I Watched

I’ve been slowly making my way through RuPaul’s Drag Race since the start of lockdown. I finished season 8 this week and was SO chuffed with the winner. I find this show absolutely addictive, even if a lot of the time the queens can be bitchy about each other. I live for a good Snatch Game.

I also finally watched American Crime Story: The People vs OJ Simpson. I found this series so completely fascinating. How on Earth did the jury not find OJ guilty. Isn’t it incredible how the power of celebrity works? I kept asking my parents about it as the events took place a couple of years before I was born and was fascinated by how they recounted the media coverage of the trial at the time.

And I just spent this past weekend watching Normal People. I feel like the last person on the planet to have watched this but since everyone and their mum was raving about it, I decided to give it a go. Personally, I found the series a bit underwhelming? I’m not sure what it was but I feel like I was missing something throughout. Maybe it’s because I didn’t read the book? Every episode just felt very same-y for a lot of it. I feel like I saw more of the 2 lead actors chests than I did my own and it got boring after a while. That being said, the show does highlight two very excellent performances from Daisy Edgar-Jones and Paul Mescal, the latter’s particularly in episode 10.


I only published one post and that’s because it took me about 3 days to write due to procrastination, in which I rank the High School Musical movies. Honestly, I’m not sure why I’ve started to invest into HSM again during lockdown. I lost an hour of my life watching HSM TikToks because I couldn’t stop.

And that’s that for me. See you next week!

Keep well and safe.

Until next time,




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