Review | Good Grief, Platform Presents*

In a unique online production, this short 45 minute piece follows 2 people who meet at their mutual friend’s wake and follows the relationship that ensues. Originally written as a 45 minute play for the stage, the blending of film techniques with live theatre allows the intimate moments between the characters to shine through. However, I didn’t feel enough of a connection to the piece to really care what was happening.

One thing that I thought was clear throughout the production was the wonderful chemistry between Sian Clifford and Nikesh Patel. Both actors deliver good performances individually, but they really shine when interacting together. In the programme notes’ it’s mentioned that they have known each other for a long time, which is obvious and really helps drive the intimate scenes.

But I think the biggest hinderance was, that it wasn’t a stage show. The play is billed as a romantic comedy, but I didn’t find it very funny. And I think that was down to the actors not having an audience to play to which made the play feel really boring to me.

Ultimately, I think this is one of those plays that just wasn’t meant for me. I do have to commend the fact that Good Grief has been created by an all female team and the fact they’ve created some sort of online theatre in the pandemic. Although it wasn’t for me, I would still say support theatre, because the two great performances at the centre of the production are certainly worth the admission price.

Good Grief is running online until 15th April 2021. For tickets and more information please visit

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