Review | The Secret Society of Leading Ladies*

Rating: 5 stars
Running until: 7th March 2021
Tickets and more information:

Created and conceived by Ryan Carter, The Secret Society of Leading Ladies follows 5 leading ladies who have been mysteriously invited to perform without knowing who invited them. The catch? The viewer gets to choose who the leading ladies are out of 14 performers and a possible 164 combinations.

As soon as I heard about this concept, I was so excited to sit down and immerse myself in this production. I’m so glad that The Secret Society completely exceeded my expectations in how innovating, entertaining and overall excellent the production was. The Barn Theatre kindly gifted me a multi stream ticket which I took full advantage of, meaning I got to watch every performer.

Every single one of the performers in this production were absolutely incredible. What I loved the most though was, it wasn’t just the performer sings their song and then that’s it. There’s an underlying narrative that highlights a great story and link between the performances which made this such a brilliant production overall.

However I will say, Aisha Jawando, Jocasta Almgill, Lauren Byrne and Kayla Carter were the standouts for me. But every performer here is incredible and I can’t wait to see what they all do next. And I hope that we get to see more leading ladies perform in the secret society.

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