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Rating: 3/5
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On demand until: 4th April 2021

Set on ‘Singer’s Row’ in Brooklyn, New York, five musicians who dub themselves the ‘City Weeds’ tell the tale of a young Parisian woman who arrives in Brooklyn with an unfinished lullaby and the aim to find her father becoming incredibly famous in the process. This is done using the play with a play structure. A self proclaimed, ‘sidewalk fairytale’ if you will. Although the production is incredibly well cast and well directed, I wasn’t that gripped with the whole production to enjoy it as much as I thought I would.

The strongest aspect of the production is Dean Johnson’s incredible direction. This production didn’t feel like theatre in the slightest, it was like a musical film that should be seen in cinemas. Some of the transitions were impeccable and I can only imagine what that would look like on a huge screen. The 5 piece strong cast are stunning, particularly Emma Kingston as the title character and Marisha Wallace as Brooklyn’s rival Paradice who truly brought vocals for days.

The main issue I had with the show was the, in my opinion, unnecessary rivalry between Brooklyn and Paradice. Now, I know life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows but – particularly in the beginning – it felt very random as to why Paradice would want to destroy Brooklyn’s career. And for me it took away the focus on the want for Brooklyn to find her father. However, I do have to say. In this house, we stan Marisha Wallace so any opportunity to hear and watch her perform, I will gladly accept. But I do wish this storyline had a bit more development at the start. I also felt the score felt very similar to other pop/rock musicals like Rent and I don’t think it was strong enough to stand on it’s own the way Rent does and has done to sustain it’s legacy throughout the years.

I would still say it’s worth checking out for this incredibly talented cast. I hope Emma Kingston is given lead roles left, right and centre after this because she is truly a vocal powerhouse that is very underrated in the West End. But, I just think this one wasn’t really for me.

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