A Place For We @ Park Theatre*

Rating: 4 stars
Running Until: 6th November
Tickets and more information: https://www.parktheatre.co.uk/whats-on/a-place-for-we

A Place For We takes place in one building in Brixton over the course of 50 years. The play tackles themes of change, traditions and gentrification in a piece that is incredibly relevant to today’s society, particularly in London. I was really keen to see this, being a Hackney resident all my life and seeing how buildings come and go. Although the pace was quite slow to start with, the writing and incredible ensemble cast make the trip to Finsbury Park worth it.

The locations across all 3 acts Being Nine Nights funeral parlour, a pub and a wanky wine bar (no the s is not missing) highlight the ever changing face of London. But alongside it, the play opens up conversations about belonging and what is home? This is particularly poignant in the first act where an explosive argument between a Black man and his mixed race son about feeling out of place in both in England and in Trinidad. Now, obviously this isn’t something I have any relation to. But I imagine there are people out there who do feel like that, so it’s good to see those feelings have been vocalised on a major platform. The set design by Louie Whitemore interchanges to reflect the locations well with small details that make each of them unique.

The play also highlights a true tour-de-force performance from David Webber as Clarence. He was utterly fantastic throughout. I also thought his younger counterpart played excellently by Harold Addo too, the mannerisms shared between them were a wonderful addition. Pleasantly enjoyed the duo performances from Joanna Horton and Kirsty Oswald throughout the different eras.

Although I do think the pacing could be quicker, particularly in the 1.5hr long first act, this is a really good play that is worth checking out before the run ends. A lovely gem at the Park Theatre that speaks to today’s landscape.

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