Only An Octave Apart at Wilton’s Music Hall*

Rating: 3/5
Ticket link:
Running until: 22nd October

Direct from New York, this production of Only An Octave Apart highlights the friendship and talents of Justin Vivian Bond and Anthony Roth Costanzo. A mix of stories, cabaret and – to my surprise – opera.

Prior going into this I hadn’t heard of either performer, so was definitely going into this production fresh. Both performers have undeniable chemistry together, which really shows how strong their partnership and friendship is. I was really blown away by their voices, particularly Costanzo whose range is absolutely incredible. The mix of songs performed from historical opera songs to Dido and Queen showed a strength in their versatility.

I did also rather enjoy the costumes by Jonathan Anderson, which very much helped set the tone for some of the songs that were performed. I wasn’t completely sold on the car dresses both performers wear at the start, but I did appreciate their uniqueness.

However I did feel that the show itself didn’t really have much structure in terms of a narrative. Because they would be singing songs around the theme of nature and then moving into a disco classic which didn’t really give me a story. But I think that’s more of a fault of mine, by going into the show without prior knowledge. Same for their style of humour as well, which didn’t always land with me.

Still a really great showcase to both performers talents and their friendship really does shine through in this production. Definitely one to catch if you’re a fan.

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