The Milk Train Doesn’t Stop Here Anymore @ Charing Cross Theatre*

Rating: 2/5
Running until: 22nd October
Ticket link:
Photo credit: Nick Haeffner

I was really intrigued by this production as not only is it a Tennessee Williams play I wasn’t familiar with, it’s also one that’s rarely produced. Turns out it’s rarely produced with good reason. The premise follows acclaimed writer Flora as she’s writing her autobiography as she’s about to die. She’s then visited by an Angel of Death who works his way into her home to essentially see her out.

I just could not get on board with this. It was absolutely slow in pace and the characters weren’t really interesting enough to keep my attention at least. I also wasn’t sure of the time this was meant to be set in given the use of smartphones interjected in yet the play was written in the 1960s. Nothing other than the smartphone use suggests that this play was present day. There was also some incredibly bad optics with Flora constantly referring to her young woman of colour assistant as “Blackie”. The play tries to cover this with the “it’s her surname!!!” excuse but it’s still majorly uncomfortable.

I did enjoy the traverse staging designed by Nicolai Hart-Hansen as I felt it used the space well. Lucie Shorthouse gives a fantastic supporting performance and is a delight throughout.

But other than that, this did feel like a total snooze fest.

Until next time.

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