Review | Newsies at Troubadour Wembley Park*

Quite a mix for my trips to the theatre in the last week. All very good shows in the West End at the moment all of which come highly recommended.

Newsies at Troubadour Wembley Park
Rating: 4.5/5
Booking until: 16th April 2023
Booking link:

Like many, many others, I’ve been waiting to see this musical in the flesh for YEARS. And thankfully director/choreographer Matt Cole’s production is worth the wait. Based on the 1992 Disney film, Newsies follows a group of New York boys who are fighting for better pay for selling newspapers. At the centre is their leader Jack Kelly, who dreams of a better life off the streets.

The first thing to note about this production, is the use of the space. Yes, Wembley Park is a trek from typical theatreland. But I can’t think of any other space in London that is more suited to this show than this one. Because at some points in the show, you have the newsies running around from section to section, sometimes they throw newspapers at the audience. And at one point, one of the newsies actually flies over the audience. Where else could you do that?

This cast is absolutely fantastic with Michael Ahomka-Lindsay as Jack, who is sublime. How he manages to belt Santa Fe at the end of act one with such breath control after running around the space for the first hour. He really gives Jack such depth, that you really feel his struggle in wanting to help the rest of the newsies while also wanting to stop his own struggles as well. I also thought Brontë Barbe was a brilliant Katherine, the journalist who helps boost the newsies’ cause.

But the real star of the show is Matt Cole’s choreography, which is just absolutely exquisite across the entire show. Such a mix and range of styles from ballet to jazz to tap to outright athleticism. It’s really something special to witness. I don’t think there’s better choreography – nor is it better performed- in London right now.

Overall it’s a really wonderful show that’s worth the trek to Wembley. The score maybe isn’t as strong as Alan Menken’s other work, which I agree with other critics about. However, when you have a cast that’s absolutely fantastic and insane choreography.

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