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It’s me, hi. It has been a WHILE. Amongst multiple bouts of illness, I have finally started to feel like myself again which means I feel like blogging again, so let’s get into it.

In terms of shows that have already closed, I did manage to catch Smoke at the Southwark Playhouse starring Meaghan Martin and Oli Higginson in its last week. This was a fascinating interpretation of the famous Miss Julie play, but set at a house party in NYC. The play explored BDSM culture and sexual violence, which being in the smaller space at the SP made it all the more intimate. Glad I got to see this. I was also gifted a ticket to see Fishermen’s Friends at the Richmond Theatre stop on their tour. This was such a different musical to anything I’ve ever seen with the score being focused around traditional working songs with the Cornish influence. This definitely has the feel good factor which is worth seeing. I didn’t know anything about the show, the real life story or the movie adaptation about it. But because I’m a cynic, I did still find it really predictable. It’s also on the longer side clocking in at over 2 hours 30, so I had to run for my train at the bows. That said, this is a wonderfully talented cast who do a great job. If you like feel good musicals, definitely worth checking out to see if the show is visiting near you while it’s on tour until May 2023. I also got to see Travis Alabanza’s play Burgerz performed in its farewell shows at the Southbank Centre. I didn’t know what to expect from this, but I wanted to see the show as I loved their play Overflow when this was streamed from the Bush Theatre a couple years ago. But wow what a sensational piece of theatre. Tackling transphobia and gender conformities head on, this was such an engaging and moving piece of theatre. Very glad I got to see this.

For shows that you can currently catch, here are a list of my favourites that I’ve seen in the past month or so.

Bonnie & Clyde at the Garrick Theatre – SO chuffed to see this back in the West End. I really adore this show (even if some of the critics last week weren’t so). I think it’s such an enjoyable piece about society at the time trying to survive amongst inflation. Something that’s incredibly relevant to society today. But here you at least get some incredibly vocals to portray this. This is currently on until May 20th.

Shirley Valentine at the Duke of York’s Theatre – I was very lucky to get a £7.50 standing ticket for this and what an absolute bargain. So glad to see Sheridan Smith back in the West End, she’s absolutely phenomenal in this. She just has such natural charisma and stage presence, that she really brings you along for the journey Shirley goes on. A really moving performance, that’s so worth seeing cause there’s no doubt she’ll be in contention for the Olivier Award next year. Currently booking until 3rd June.

Sleepova at Bush Theatre – I was kindly gifted a ticket to see Sleepova and I’m SO happy I got to see this wonderful play. Matilda Feyiṣayọ Ibini’s script is a beautiful testament to friendship between young Black girls as they grow up and find out who they are individually and together. Equal parts witty and heartbreaking, with 4 incredible performances by 4 incredible actresses (3 of whom are making their stage debuts). Very exciting to watch Amber Grappy, Aliyah Odoffin, Bukky Bukray and Shayde Sinclair’s careers go from strength to strength after this. I really didn’t want this to end and highly recommend grabbing a ticket for this before the end of the run on 8th April.

The Great British Bake Off: The Musical at Noel Coward Theatre – my friend Kieran won tickets to see this and we had an absolute hoot. Neither of us are massive/avid Bake Off watchers, yet we still enjoyed the show immensely. So funny and self aware, this was an absolute blast. And yes to more British musicals in the west end. Genuinely had such a fun time watching this wonderful show. Must end May 13th.

Sylvia at the Old Vic – OH I have been WAITING for this one. Saw the workshop production of this at the Old Vic back in 2018 and was very excited to see this make a full return. Absolutely loved this. The absolutely incredible cast led by Sharon Rose and Beverley Knight were fantastic. I’ve been waiting years to see Jade Hackett’s Lady Jennie again and she did not disappoint. This isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and I do wish the comparisons to Hamilton are what are hindering people’s enjoyment of the show, but I had a great time and I’m hoping to see it again before the run closes. Currently booking until 8th April.

Standing At The Sky’s Edge at the National Theatre – a truly beautiful new musical taking place in one flat over 6 decades and 3 timelines is a wonderful testament to the power of time and community. Moving performances, particularly from Faith Omole, Rachael Wooding, Alex Young, Bobbie Little and Maimuna Memon. A great script by Chris Bush and incredible music from Richard Hawley. This was utterly brilliant (I had a slight issue with one of the plots by the end but that was the only flaw for me. On at the NT until 25th March and so hoping this has a further life afterwards, cause this is without a doubt winning Best New Musical at the Oliviers next month.

Very lucky to have seen such great theatre in the past month or so. I did also want to mention Guys and Dolls at the Bridge Theatre, which I had an absolute blast at and can’t wait to see this again when it’s officially open.

What have you seen lately? Let me know!

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  1. Well, as for the shows I saw this year:

    1. Something Rotten- a local Charlotte theatre
    2. Les Mis- US Tour (that was my 7th time seeing the stage show)

    There will be a 3rd- Aladdin, which is coming to Charlotte in April. Nice to live in a major touring city


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