Comfy blazers?!?!?!?!

So, autumn is slowly approaching us. In English yesterday we were looking at poems with an autumn setting and I started thinking about the season.

My biggest problem with the autumn season is the WEATHER!

Is it breezy out but warm enough to not need my duffle coat?!

Is it boiling hot????????

but is it freezing?!!??!

Especially with living in London where the weather in one part can be completely different in another part of the city.

After weeks of searching I finally found this bad boy:

Photo 23-09-2014 15 19 24

NEW LOOK. £20. It’s safe to say, I fell in love.

It’s super comfy and there’s loads of room to move about it and it goes with practically everything!

Also worn with:
Scarf – Ralph Lauren. Macy’s
Watch – Argos
T-shirt – Primark.

If you’re looking for a cheap blazer/jacket to keep you warm during the autumn, I definitely recommend checking out New Look! (If you’re in the UK)



thanks for reading! 🙂

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