Birthday Week + checking in!

ahhhh hello wordpress! Are we good? I’ve had a good day today! I turn 18 on the 13th! I have a couple of trips planned and I feel like it’s the kind of weather where it’s too much for my duffle coat but not warm enough to wear my blazer. So I bought this mac type coat from Primark for only £16! Funnily enough, my pjs are also from Primark! I feel a bit like Sherlock wearing my coat! :’) I also bought Catching Fire on DVD as the Mockingjay premiere was happening in London today! I’m so excited y’all … Continue reading Birthday Week + checking in!

Alder Hey Charity Scarves!

Disclaimer: I’m in no way being sponsored or anything of the kind for this post. Genuinely think it’s a wonderful idea!

Winter is coming and will soon be upon us, folks!

The weather has started getting colder than it has been. I’ve already busted out my big and cosy duvet and my duffle coat will probably make an appearance soon!

Another essential for winter? Scarves!

Fancy doing a good thing for charity this winter?

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Ahh I love my chunky cardigan! Or is it technically a ‘boyfriend cardigan’? Who knows! Mine is from Primark! But here are 5 cardigans I’ve found that I would very much like and look very comfy. 🙂 Ranging from highest price to lowest! 1) Topshop – £48 2) Warehouse- £45 3) Topshop – £42 4) Asos – £28 5) H&M – £14.99 IT HAS A HOOD! Thanks for reading! Stay waaaaaarm! 🙂 Continue reading CARDIGANS! WINTER IS COMING!

OOTD. 11-10-14.

Hello folks! Everyone had a good week? I got a new phone this week! The screen on my iPhone 4s broke so I had to get my upgrade earlier than planned. Also, the adrenaline of the Love, Rosie promo has officially left me! But tonight I’m off to a party! Here’s my outfit 🙂 Excuse my messy room! Blazer – New Look Vest top – Topshop Jeans – Primark Boots – Chapel Market, Islington Have a lovely weekend folks! 🙂 Continue reading OOTD. 11-10-14.

Comfy blazers?!?!?!?!

So, autumn is slowly approaching us. In English yesterday we were looking at poems with an autumn setting and I started thinking about the season. My biggest problem with the autumn season is the WEATHER! Is it breezy out but warm enough to not need my duffle coat?! Is it boiling hot???????? but is it freezing?!!??! Especially with living in London where the weather in one part can be completely different in another part of the city. After weeks of searching I finally found this bad boy: NEW LOOK. £20. It’s safe to say, I fell in love. It’s super … Continue reading Comfy blazers?!?!?!?!

OOTD. 21/09/14.

I quite liked my outfit today so I thought I’d blog about it. TREE POSE STYLE. Cardigan – Primark Jeans – Primark Boots – Chapel Market, Islington T-shirt – Sober is Sexy Sober is Sexy are an awesome clothing line btw. They help promote soberity and every month proceeds go to a chosen charity for that month that helps drug/substance abuse and alcoholism. Here’s my shirt: I think they’re super cool and I always see people reading my shirt when I wear it so I thought I’d blog about it. Happy Sunday! 🙂 Continue reading OOTD. 21/09/14.