And the actual Olivier Nominees are….

Many shows and two prediction posts later resulted in possibly the most exciting lunch hour for many of us theatre folk. Bang on 1pm, I had my headphones on and the Facebook live stream started in one window, while I had Twitter in another, anticipating the nominations and waiting for Elaine Paige and Alexandra Burke to announce them.

In case you missed my prediction posts you can check out the Acting Categories and the Big Five posts and see how many curve balls were thrown. For the format below, I’m taking a similar structural approach to Sophie from Riot In The Cheap Seats post here (which you should still read because she has some very good points). I’m just going to cover the categories I predicted in my initial posts. Let’s get into it!

Best Actor in a Supporting Role in a Musical
Michael Jibson – (Hamilton)
Ross Noble – (Young Frankenstein)
Jason Pennycooke – (Hamilton)
Cleve September – (Hamilton)

Predicted: 3/4

I really did not anticipate the judges going for three Hamilton actors in one category, but I am super thrilled for Cleve September and this will do wonders to what is already a promising career if he wins. Ross Noble was very surprising and brilliant as Igor, but I’m surprised they nominated him without nominating Hadley Fraser for leading actor as they are a wonderful duo (as highlighted on their podcast too). Michael Jibson is undoubtedly a scene stealer in the very little time on stage. However, I do think Jason Pennycooke has the edge due to his incredible skillset which is evident in his portrayal as Lafayette as well as his charismatic turn as Thomas Jefferson.

My Winner?  Jason Pennycooke.

Best Actress in a Supporting Role in a Musical
Sheila Atim – (Girl From The North Country)
Tracie Bennett – (Follies)
Rachel John – (Hamilton)
Lesley Joseph – (Young Frankenstein)

Predicted: For this category? 1.

I was quite confused before as I was unsure whether Girl From The North Country would be considered as a musical or a play as I had previously heard people refer to the show as both. However, I am thrilled to see Sheila Atim is nominated! Rachel John is the only correct nominee I had for this category. I was surprised to see Tracie Bennett and Lesley Joseph get nods but purely cause I didn’t expect it. But I don’t think they will win. I am surprised to not see Lucie Shorthouse here for Everybody’s Talking About Jamie as she is incredible. Rachel John is outstanding as Angelica Schuyler and it would be incredible for her to win. She’s one of those people who has many West End credits under her belt and it’s great to finally see her shine.

My Winner? Personally, I would go for Sheila Atim but Rachel John could easily take it.

Best Musical Revival
42nd Street
On The Town

Predicted: All 3!

I am SO gutted that I didn’t get to see the Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre’s production of On The Town. I had my ticket ready to catch the show in it’s last week. I was severely jet lagged but I was ready… and then the rain came down and would not stop pouring. The only day in it’s last week when it rained happened to be when I was there. I was gutted! I very much enjoyed 42nd Street more than Follies. However, I did see Follies in it’s first week of performances, so the production overall probably had many changes to it once it opened.

My Winner? Based on critical acclaim, this is certainly Follies’ award.

Best Actor in a Musical
Ciarán Hinds (Girl From The North Country)
John McCrea (Everybody’s Talking About Jamie)
Giles Terera (Hamilton)
Jamael Westman (Hamilton)

Predicted: 3/4!

I am really shocked that I didn’t get all four on this one. Hadley Fraser should’ve been on this list for Young Frankenstein. I am surprised to see the judges have nominated the only actor in GFTNC that doesn’t sing. Is that not a requirement for this category? It’s a brilliant performance but I am surprised to see Ciarán Hinds there. I imagine it will be one of the Hamilton guys to take it, but I would LOVE it for John McCrea to take it.

My Winner? Jamael Westman but John McCrea for a close second.

Best Actress in a Musical
Janie Dee (Follies)
Shirley Henderson (Girl From The North Country)
Imelda Staunton (Follies)
Josie Walker (Everybody’s Talking About Jamie)

Predicted: In this category? 2.

Not surprised to see Josie and Imelda here. Thrilled for Shirley Henderson as she is exquisite in GFTNC. I did predict Janie Dee to get supporting, but glad she’s also here. I think this is a similar situation to Best Actor in that, it is likely to be one of the actresses from the show with 2 noms in this category. But I would love for Shirley/Josie to take it.

My Winner? I would be too torn to choose between Shirley and Josie if I was voting. But I think Imelda is the likely winner here.

Best Revival
Angels In America
Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Woolf?
Witness For The Prosecution

Predicted: 3/4!

I predicted Cat On A Hot Tin Roof to take Witness’ place but I am glad it didn’t. Although the show had a lot of critical acclaim, I thought it was absolutely terrible. I’ve yet to see Witness but I have heard it is a really good and immersive production.

The two biggest revivals of the year was definitely between Angels In America and Hamlet. I enjoyed Hamlet, it was lead by a brilliant actor and directed fantastically with excellent interactive elements. And yet… it didn’t get a nod for best director. And because of this I think Angels In America is the winner.

My Winner? Without a doubt, it’s Angels In America.

Best Actor in a Supporting Role
Bertie Carvel (Ink)
John Hodgkinson (The Ferryman)
James McArdle (Angels In America)
Peter Polycarpou (Oslo)

Predicted: 1 in this exact category.

I have never been more shocked to see Nathan Lane’s name NOT on this list. I was so adamant that he was an absolute shoe in. However, I did hope for a miracle and a miracle happened. I am so thrilled to see James McArdle’s name on this list. I thought he would get snubbed as he is one of the least famous names in the Angels In America cast list. His performance as Louis was remarkable and I bloody well hope he wins, on a purely biased level. That being said, Bertie Carvel was just as outstanding in Ink and yet I predicted he would get a leading nod.

My Winner? James McArdle but possibly Bertie Carvel.

Best Actress in a Supporting Role
Bríd Brennan (The Ferryman)
Denise Gough (Angels In America)
Dearbhla Molloy (Angels In America)
Imogen Poots (Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?)

Predicted? 2/4 for this category.

My Winner: are you really surprised that I’m going to say Denise Gough? Because this is Denise Gough’s award.

Best Actor
Paddy Considine (The Ferryman)
Bryan Cranston (Network)
Andrew Garfield (Angels In America)
Andrew Scott (Hamlet)

Predicted: 3/4 for this exact category. I did have Paddy as one of my possibility choices!

THIS IS TOUGH. Given how much I loved that specific play,  I would love Andrew Garfield to win it. But Andrew Scott was absolutely incredible. Both Bryan and Paddy made their London stage debuts and were brilliant.

My Winner: I’m going to say Andrew Garfield or Paddy Considine, purely cause I think they were the most surprising performances out of the lot.

Best Actress
Laura Donnelly (The Ferryman)
Lesley Manville (Long Day’s Journey Into Night)
Audra McDonald (Lady Day at Emerson’s Bar and Grill)
Imelda Staunton (Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?)

Predicted? 1 in this exact category. I did have Lesley on my possibility list!

All of these actresses were absolutely exquisite in their performances. But I do think this is the only acting category, I am certain The Ferryman is going to win.

My Winner? Laura Donnelly, but would love for Audra to snatch it.

Best Director
Dominic Cooke (Follies)
Marianne Elliott (Angels In America)
Rupert Goold (Ink)
Thomas Kail (Hamilton)
Sam Mendes (The Ferryman)

Predicted: 3/5.

I FEEL SO STUPID FOR NOT PREDICTING THOMAS KAIL. Hamilton is a modern masterpiece and I would love for Thomas Kail to win it. However, Marianne deserves it for managing to direct Angels In America without losing her mind.

My Winner: Thomas Kail or Marianne Elliott. But then again people bloody love The Ferryman don’t they…

Best New Play
The Ferryman

Predicted: 4/4!

I mean, are we all going to pretend the play with the most nominations has even a small chance of not winning?

My Winner: The Ferryman but should be Ink.

Best New Musical
An American In Paris
Everybody’s Talking About Jamie
Girl From The North Country
Young Frankenstein

Predicted: 4/5

Imagine there’s an alternate universe where Young Frankenstein wins this award.

My Winner: This has Hamilton written all over it, but imagine Everybody’s Talking About Jamie takes it.  IMAGINE.

If you’ve read this entire post, then you deserve your own Olivier Award. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter because no doubt on April 8th, this is all I will be tweeting about.

Who do you want to win at the Oliviers this year? Talk to me!

Until next time,



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