The Flies @ The Bunker Theatre*

Rating: ⭐⭐
Tickets and more information:
Booking until: 6th July 2019
Run time: 2hr 10mins.

A young man comes back home to take care of business after his father is murdered by his uncle, who has proceeded to marry his mum and made his sister Electra a slave. To be honest, this is exactly the same plot as the Bunker’s previous production Electra except that this theatre company alternately performs the piece in English and French.

As someone who often sees the same production on multiple occasions, I probably would’ve liked this, if it was even remotely interesting. There’s a gender political aspect of the play, that wasn’t really explored, in my opinion. The acting overall was bland, except for Meena Rayann as Electra who is the saving grace of the production. I also felt like the whole thing with ‘the flies’ wasn’t really explored either, the mentions of the flies were followed by some bizarre and awkward hand movements from the actors. The set wasn’t anything to really shout about, just old computers cluttered on the outskirts of the space and the fight scenes were also very basic.

I’m glad that more productions are being funded where English isn’t shown as the default language. I just wish here, it was a better, more interesting one.

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