That Time I Went To A Google Party.

I’ve decided to keep my content on my blog very varied. I think seeing the same thing in one area of the internet can get very boring. SoΒ while I will continue to post about books & theatre, I will also share some insights into my life. So you can find out more out the blogger, rather than what they are reading/watching.

Now, about the title.

Let me explain…

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Post LFCC/YALC Blues & Haul. 2016 edition.

It’s been a week now since I attended YALC 2016 and I am still exhausted! I had such a fantastic time. I have got to do the full weekend next time, there’s still so much I didn’t get to explore across the whole weekend!

I wish I spent more time in the LFCC section of the event. There was a massive Suicide Squad exhibition that displayed the costumes which I thought was cool. And I got my photo taken with the squad!

Photo 31-07-2016, 09 18 48.jpg

But I did spend most of my day in YALC so let me tell you all about it!

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Jeremy Jordan at the Hippodrome Casino

After much stress getting tickets earlier this month, my friend Olivia and I attended Jeremy Jordan’s concert in London last night! He did a 3 concerts at the Hippodrome Casino for his debut in London. I have been a fan of Jeremy’s for about four years now, ever since I saw Newsies perform on the 2012 Tony Awards and I genuinely believe he has the best voice I’ve ever heard. Jeremy is a fantastic actor with a background in Broadway in shows such as Newsies, Finding Neverland and Bonnie & Clyde. He has also featured in TV shows such as Smash and Supergirl. And also films such as The Last Five Years and Joyful Noise.

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Moments in April.

So since Wednesday, I’ve been stuck in bed with a rotten chest infection feeling sorry for myself. And to cheer myself up, I’ve decided to start a new feature for my little blog here!

Sometimes when you have really shit days, you tend to forget about the really good ones. So I figured this will be a really cool thing to look back on whenever I’m feeling really shitty. *Trust me this isn’t for bragging rights or anything like that, I promise! πŸ™‚ Continue reading “Moments in April.”

Samantha Barks at St James’ Studio.

Last Saturday, April 2nd, my friends and I attended Samantha Barks’ concert at the St James’ Studio in London. We all became friends through being fans of Samantha’s and it was super cool to be able to all sit together in the front row and watch this beautiful woman sing. In case her name sounds familiar to you, Samantha is a critically acclaimed actress & singer, mostly known for her role as Eponine in the West End production, the 25th anniversary concert & the film of Les Miserables. She has also starred in shows such as Cabaret, Oliver! and City … Continue reading Samantha Barks at St James’ Studio.